Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Useful information

ADDRESS: Crescent Rd - The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WEBSITE : www.atlantis.com

INSTAGRAM PAGE : @atlantisthepalm

The hotel's PLUS

This luxury resort in the heart of Dubai offers a unique experience. This exceptional complex has a dream location and grandiose settings.

PLUS/MINUS of the Video

👍🏼 This immersive virtual tour is a real plus for the user experience! A great way to immerse the future guest in the hotel's world!

👍🏼 Very helpful to get a feel for the atmosphere.

👍🏼 The video allows you to see assets of the hotel that would otherwise be complicated to communicate.

👍🏼 The user can move the camera which is 360°, allowing him to see the environment all around him.

Watch the VIDEO