Casa Privata - Praiano Italy

Useful Information

ADDRESS: Via Rezzola, 41, 84010 Praiano SA, Italy

WEBSITE : www.casaprivata.it

PAGE INSTAGRAM : @casaprivata

The PLUS of the hotel

This hotel hidden in the Italian rocks has it all. Once an ancient fisherman's ruin, it has now been restored, to the delight of souls seeking privacy, luxury and tradition. Let yourself be guided to the rocky beach from its enchanting garden.

The PLUSses and MINUSes of Instagram

👍🏼 The feed is uncluttered and minimalist = less is more!

👍🏼 The brand image is nicely communicated on their account --> variety of photos (food, model, nature, rooms,...).

👍🏼 Some photos are even taken in action (model diving, couple dancing,...) --> brings life and cheerfulness to the wall.

👍🏼 The content strategy is to take moments in photo or video --> Reinforces the whole quality of the feed