Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Useful information

ADDRESS : Via Serlas 27 7500 St. Moritz Switzerland

WEBSITE : www.badruttspalace.com

The PLUS of the brand

This Swiss palace ticks all the boxes of elegance. Nestled on the lakefront, this establishment is filled with traditional and contemporary surprises.

The PLUS/MINUS of the Website

👍🏼 A balance of text, photos and graphics.

👍🏼 A "Winter" and "Summer" version for our enjoyment (transforms the customer experience and allows them to get a feel for the place in all seasons)

👍🏼 An overall harmony between text, photos and graphics that soothes and simplifies the customer journey.

👍🏼 The "photos of our customers" section in the gallery brings quality to the site's content and form (reassures the customer)

An overview of the WEBSITE