Can Ferretera

Useful information

WEBSITE : www.canferrereta.com

INSTAGRAM: @hotelcanferrereta

The PLUS of the brand

This sublime manor house nestled on the gentle and elegant island of Mallorca is sure to make your heart skip a beat. With 32 rooms, set in the midst of lush greenery, let yourself be transported by the beauty of the architecture and interior design.

The PLUS/MINUS of the Website

👍🏼 Video as a header --> always reinforces the qualitative aspect of the site and allows to capture the user.

👍🏼 The alliance of different formats (graphics, textures, images, videos) that bring quality to the site --> Optimized User Experience!

👍🏼 A globally uncluttered graphic charter --> brings lightness to the page

👎🏼 The page is too busy, you have to scroll too long to reach the bottom of the page

An overview of the WEBSITE