Cap Rocat

Useful information

WEBSITE : www.caprocat.com

INSTAGRAM : @cap_rocat

The PLUS of the brand

This sublime 5 star hotel is a dream come true. Located on the Mediterranean coast, let yourself be enchanted by the sea air and the warm atmosphere of Majorca. A site with bright and welcoming colors like this fortress transformed into an intimate hotel. A national heritage nestled in the heart of a preserved natural area, what more could you ask for than a one-way trip with no return?

The PLUS/MINUS of the Website

👍🏼 A graphic charter with warm tones --> Translates well the brand image.

👍🏼 The alliance of different formats (graphics, textures, images, videos) that bring quality to the site --> Optimized User Experience!

👍🏼 Highlighting all of the hotel's assets on the homepage --> Captures the user's attention and convinces them to stay.

An overview of the WEBSITE