Hotel 48° North

Useful Information

ADDRESS: 1048, route du Mont Sainte-Odile, 67220 Breitenbach

WEBSITE : www.hotel48nord.com

PAGE INSTAGRAM : @hotel48nord

The PLUS of the hotel

48° Nord is the meeting of two passions and two cultures: nature and architecture, Denmark and Alsace. Open and intimate spaces of freedom, where everyone can enjoy the calm of nature. It is a place of life, simple and friendly, where everyone takes the time to live in a setting of only 14 hyttes (huts).
This place has deep values with an ecological building, a 100% organic and homemade restaurant from their own vegetable garden and their local suppliers. More than a hotel, it is a universe.

The PLUSses and MINUSes of Instagram

👍🏼Wall harmonious thanks to the balance of posts (food, humans, landscapes, rooms, hytte architecture, details of all kinds)

👍🏼Posts, videos, real, qualitative stories (promotes brand identity)

👍🏼Well-categorized and varied front-page stories (plays on their differences and thereby reinforces their added value)

👍🏼Graphic chart respected (homogeneity, brand identity, makes the place more qualitative)

👎🏼Story content lacks design before publication (use tools like canva, intuitive and qualitative)