Kokkedal Slot Copenhagen

Useful information

WEBSITE : www.kokkedalslotcopenhagen.com

INSTAGRAM : @kokkedalslotcopenhagen

The PLUS of the brand

Direction the Scandinavian countries, and more precisely Copenhagen where we find the Kokkedal Slot hotel, we grant you, the name is not of the simplest to pronounce, but we totally fall for their site and their offer, high range!

The PLUS/MINUS of the Website

👍🏼 A clean and innovative UX (some titles are placed vertically --> creates tone).

👍🏼 Animations with lines and photos that reveal themselves as the user scrolls --> brings dynamism to the site.

👍🏼 Consistency of text, photos and graphics → brings aesthetics and depth to the site.

👍🏼 The typography and graphics are in black and white, which allows the photos to stand out much more -> balance of tones.

An overview of the WEBSITE