Le Lieu Dit

Useful INFO

ADDRESS: 78-80 Route de Vannes, 44100 NANTES

WEBSITE : www.lieudit-nantes.com

The hotel's PLUS

A festive Nantes address that is socially aware, festive and surprising.
At the same time an active local business in an authentic Nantes neighbourhood. A bit like a happy "village square" for their neighbours, and all the people of Nantes. A laboratory for eco-responsible and artisanal initiatives.
Le Lieu Dit is a different kind of hotel, and it feels good!

The PLUS/MINUS of the Website

👍🏼 Colorimetric well chosen. The colours are well matched to each other, allowing important details to be highlighted (e.g. the book button on a yellow background)

👍🏼 The menu bar always accompanies the visitor, whether at the top, middle or bottom of the page (allows for quicker changes)

👍🏼 Balanced content (texts, photos, graphics) → generates visual consistency that makes it more attractive and understandable. 

An overview of the WEBSITE