Les Airelles - Val d'Isère

Useful INFO

ADDRESS: Rue du Jardin Alpin, 73120 Courchevel

WEBSITE : www.airelles.com

The Group's PLUS

This time Les Airelles is located in the heart of the mythical Snow Kingdom of Val d'Isère. Subtle details, services that honour the customers, in short, an intimate place where all our senses are awakened.

The PLUSES/MINUSES of the Website

👍🏼 Quality video on the home page, filmed by a drone (perspective on the whole resort in a few seconds)
👍🏼 The menu appears immediately on the home page (clarity for the customer)
👍🏼 The graphic details are fine, such as the curve that moves down the page at the same pace as the mouse (a subtle detail that makes all the difference)
👍🏼 General menu always displayed with the "book" button (simplified access to encourage booking)
👍🏼 Short, clear and simple sentences (optimises the customer's time as well as their understanding)

An overview of the WEBSITE