Our Habitas

Useful information

ADDRESS : Several addresses in the world

WEBSITE : www.ourhabitas.com

INSTAGRAM : @our_habitas

The hotel's PLUS

Our Habitas is more than a hotel group, it is a life experience. For them, luxury is in the experiences we create to nourish our souls and open our minds, not in the amenities or facilities. Their philosophy is based on the gift of self.

The PLUS/MINUS of the Website

👍🏼 Favoured photos and videos over text (more telling and strong in terms of storytelling)

👍🏼 Balanced content (texts, photos, graphics) → Visual consistency that makes the site more attractive

👍🏼 Fine typography, qualitative photos (supports brand identity)

👍🏼 Well executed UX and innovative format

An overview of the WEBSITE