The Monument Hotel

Useful information

ADDRESS: Prinsegracht 53 - 2512 EX The Hague - The Netherlands

WEBSITE : www.themonument.com

INSTAGRAM : @the.monument.hotel

The PLUS of the brand

It was in the midst of the pandemic that the Monument Hotel was built and perfected. At the heart of it all is a passion for design, finesse and excellence.
Filled with surprising detail the owners have rejuvenated this national monument into a contemporary boutique hotel.

The PLUS/MINUS of the Website

👍🏼 No need to say it again, another wonderful Webflow site

👍🏼 Clean content (text and photos) → Brings more attractiveness and professionalism to the site

👍🏼 Fine typography, qualitative photos → strengthens brand identity

👍🏼 Animations that bring dynamism and vivacity to the site

👍🏼 A well executed UX and innovative format

An overview of the WEBSITE